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In case you haven't noticed, artisan shoes are the new fashion icon! These beauties are not only fashionable and comfortable but are also constructed to last WAY longer than those shoes that come in bulk from factories paying unfair wages.  Plus, they look SO much more cooler that you'll have heads turning on streets just to check out your shoes. I'm a shoe girl, I believe that shoes are soul of the whole outfit or sole if you may *wink wink*.  And if that sole is authentic and unique, then you're already the most fashionable person in the room.
LuckyLulu is THE brand when it comes to artisan shoes. LuckyLulu’s main goal is to support talented artisans from all over the world!! So when you're busy browsing through the flat out amazing shoe collection, you're also supporting real people with real talent whom actually care about you and your comfort! And not some big corporation that only cares about making big bucks.
A good pair of shoes can really make your whole outfit look put together. These high end woven flats are handcrafted by the best to make walking a pleasure for you. These babies are so comfortable, they'll make you forget you own anything else. The best part about LuckyLulu’s artisan shoes? They are so much more affordable than the luxury brands whilst still giving you them looks and the raw, organic fashion quality.
LuckyLulu works directly with the best artisans from ALL around the world and uses sweet technology to get them into your hot little hands, so that you can flaunt them on the street! By supporting LuckyLulu, you're supporting small villages and spreading the love. Fashion keeps evolving but authenticity and love are always the same, which is why ethical artisan made shoes will always be in fashion and are the way to the future of fashion.


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