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HAND is best!

Each pair of shoes in our Morocco collection takes over a day to make, and is an incredibly skilled affair; every part of the process is completed by hand, from the harvesting, curing and dying of the raffia, to weaving the upper itself, and the hand cut, hand stitched sole.

The result is an incredible quality pair of shoes, which are super comfortable and extremely durable, environmentally friendly (zero machines, vegetable tanned leather, and naturally dyed raffia) sustainably sourced , and fair trade. 

Each pair, much in the same way as a hand-knitted sweater, is completely unique, with each craftsperson adding their own flourish to the finished article. 

The earth-tones and the vibrant brights of the raffia reflect Morocco's rusts, sand, & nude coloured landscapes juxtaposed against wonderful flashes of bright jewel tone fabrics and ceramics.

Our Morocco collection is shoe-box free, in keeping with the hand made, eco friendly way in which there are produced. Instead the shoes are packaged in a cotton canvas, re-usable drawstring bag. 



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