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By consuming 70-90% less energy than traditional glass neon lighting, LED neon – with an average lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours – represents a more sustainable solution for the planet. By keeping electricity consumption to a minimum, running costs are also significantly easier on the pocket too.

Are neon lights eco friendly?
LED neon is also more energy efficient and environmentally friendly and has capabilities that traditional neon simply doesn't—it can change colour, dim or create a strobe effect, for example.

How long do neon signs last?
About 8 to 15 years. Tube Life. Luminous tubes in the neon signs typically last about 8 to 15 years. If put in the right environment and well-maintained, then you could get your money's worth. Coatings last for up to 7 to 10 years, depending on the brightness and usage of the sign.

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