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About Raffia Shoes

These beautiful raffia shoes are handcrafted in Morocco (Africa) by highly-skilled women artisans.  Raffia is a natural and durable fibre obtained from the leaves of palm trees grown mainly in Madagascar. 
The process to dye raffia fibre is renewable using natural vegetable colours.  Each pair of raffia shoe is entirely handmade and takes a few days to produce depending of the complexity of the design.  Our raffia shoes are hand woven in Morocco with leather insular and outsole.  Please note that raffia is coarse-textured and might be a little itchy at first.
This will quickly ease-off as the raffia softens.  Raffia doesn't agree with water so please avoid wearing the shoes in rainy weather. As a natural fibre, raffia will slightly stretch out with time.
Due to their handcrafted nature, each pair of raffia shoes is unique. Some imperfections and colour tone small discrepancies might also be seen.