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About us

Luckylulu Australia. 


Bringing you AMAZING product. Inspired by HAPPINESS, luck, HEALTH and consuming mindfully and living slowly. 

Where you see product on our site that states it's a fair trade product or has been ethically made, we've sourced them through a network of highly skilled Artisans and paid them directly. 



Ethically sourced, artisan made limited edition and one of a kind footwear and more. Combine under-the-radar quality shoes with an ethically sustainable business, and you have Queensland based LuckyLuLu — an e-boutique that works exclusively with artisans around the world to produce truly gorgeous shoes.

We aim to encourage and empower female entrepreneurship and support global artisan handicrafts with an emphasis on the art of weaving and the use of sustainable plant based products. Our range of shoes, bags and accessories uses straw, raffia and grass to create mindful, on trend fashion.

LuckyLuLu founder incorporates her love of vibrant colour and culture into a line of eco-friendly, globally conscious footwear. Through partnerships with local artisans, LuckyLuLu bridges the gap between small-town designers and mainstream fashion brands, supporting sustainable job creation and growth in regions with rich traditions of craft.  We are a family doing what we love and do best. A second generation of shoe makers, who grew up running around the family shoe factory based here in Queensland, and helping Mum run chains of retail boutiques. 

We work with a variety of contract workers, local creatives and sewers, as well as partnering with international artisans. LuckyLuLu aims to work with reputable ethical practice makers, artisans and companies.

LuckyLuLu Shoes - Ethically sourced, artisan made limited edition and one of a kind footwear. A creative mind with passion & compassion, trying to transform the footwear world into a better one.  LuckyLuLu is an ethical shoe brand for the conscious consumers.